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I don’t like my house

Naran You are staying in the house and you go on criticize the house that it’s not good, there is so much clutter in the house and so on. What if the same house starts criticizing you, “It is only because of you the clutter is here?” When you criticize the house it also criticizes you back. In US, scientists have found out the plants talks the local language, for example, plants in Tamil Nadu will speak in Tamil. The moment those scientists water a plant, it said, “Thank you” in English and that too in US accent. With the help of instruments they have figured that out. I believe that they also curse those who are rude to them. Similarly, the criticized house will not give you the good results you want. If the house has clutter then it means you have so much of clutter in your mind.  “What is inside is reflected outside”. Just see the house. That’s how your mind is. What if there is clutter? What is your feeling?

  1. Whatever feelings you get while seeing or thinking about the clutter, release them

  2. Release the dislikes you have about the house

  3. Release the advantages and disadvantages you have about the house

  4. Release your emotions and thoughts as well as curses you have about the house

  5. The house is untidy, so I feel irritated. Therefore, affirm, “I release my irritation”, “I accept the clutter” and “I release my resistance to cleanse the clutter”.


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