I cannot forgive – Part 1

Updated: Feb 18

What are the situations?

1. Continuous non-stop criticism every day or for everything

2. Stealing your efforts, hardwork, credits

3. Cheating money which was borrowed

4. Cheating in relationship but blaming you for that action

5. Injustice to your legal share, property

and many more situations where one finds it difficult to forgive the other person.

In these situations, you take a stand "I am right. What is happening is injustice to me. The other person is doing injustice to me."

From this angle, your views are correct. Does this give a solution to the problem?

Or you continue to be a victim and the other person a perpetrator?

Sometime, in another situation, you will be perpetrator and the other person becomes a victim...You cannot come out of this triangle.

What actions you are likely to do?

You will want somebody to rescue you from this situation.

You will find a person to vent out emotions for solace.

You will try all healing modalities for solving this issue.

You are so ignorant that you will not find solution by being in this state of mind (I am a victim, other person is perpetrator.)

Assess your situation and ask these questions.

1. Do I want to remain in ignorance?

2. Do I want to go above these problems in life?

If the event is repeating again and again, it means you are storing same experience again and again in your mind.

Will you repeat if you know the consequences of your action?

What are the consequences?

We should understand this in the background of Draupadi’s forgiveness.(next blog)

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