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I am peaceful at last

Khes People on my current job and boss too are so aggressive and full of covert hostility. At some moments, I used to cry or even being nasty too. But, as I am reading your sites all the time I have found mantras. I just want to say that I am European and have difficulties to understand the thing with mantras. Anyhow I gave a try. Guess what! I have chanted “OM HUM NAMAHA”, while on work. I was peaceful, and even happy, although I was given lower-ranked job that night.

Naran "Om hum Namaha" will activate the throat chakra, which stands for truth. When that chakra is activated, you are exhibiting the energy of truth. What is truth? When our actions match our intentions or words Truth (divine order) is exhibited. By chanting “Om hum Namaha”, a mistaken view of the situation or a person is changed. For Reiki Practitioners: draw the Reiki Symbol “SEI HE KI” on the throat. Go on drawing. All untruths will clear off.


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