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How to Use and Interpret the Messages

Messages our body gives us in the form of pains I have given you about sixty-one messages in the book. When you have pain (in any part of the body), read through the messages. Three or four messages may fit your current life situation. When you start using those messages if the body pain starts reducing then that is the particular point(s) you need to focus on. Even after reading all the sixty-one messages but still the pain is not reduced then you have to find some more messages.

Randomly pick the messages

  1. You can blindly move your finger through the messages and wherever the finger stops that message is for you and work on that.

  2. You can tell one number and whatever message associated with that number will work on your current emotional state. Like that you can play and heal yourself.

  3. You can also find out by dowsing the message suitable for you.

How to work on the messages? Let us say you got the message “end the conflict amicably”.

  1. You have to find out with whom all you have conflict

  2. After finding that out release the anger and other emotions associated with the conflict

  3. Conclude it mentally by bringing in the picture in your mind as though the conflict is over and you are hugging the person you are in conflict with.

  4. Do the forgiving exercise.


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