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How to take flower remedies

  1. You can buy the pills either from the centre or from a homeopathy shop.

  2. You can take 3 to 4 pills for once or 100 times. It doesn’t matter. If one drop of a remedy doesn’t work, 100 drops of the remedy too will not work. Extras will not make a difference. Intention is important as well as trust. Taking the remedies is important. However, how much is not important. Trust in nothing but god.

  3. Just thinking about them will work.

  4. If we write the names of flowers in a piece of paper, they work.

  5. If you can’t get the pills, write the names in a notebook.

  6. Keep it (notebook or paper) with you and look at it every day.

  7. Chant the names of the remedies daily, as they are expressions of divinity.

  8. Hold the glass of water, repeat the name of the remedy and drink it.Remedy means HELP! By chanting their names, they come to our AID.

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