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How to stop reacting negatively

Naran S Balakumar When someone is angry or doing something against us either we get angry or become upset, because it is very difficult for us to detach from what is happening outside. Therefore, we also participate by being emotional becoming Non-Divine. How to help our self in detaching from all that is not divine? Sri Aurobindo: “Bring in Mother’s force to eliminate (your reaction)”. There is a flower “IPOMEA CAIRICA”, which is light rose purple in colour, identified by the Divine Mother, for detachment from all that is not divine. Daily, Meditate on the flower praying, “Let DIVINE LOVE, DIVINE LIFE possess me, conquer me and keep me in lasting eternal immortal LIGHT”. Looking at the picture of the flower, one can chant the lines within. Become the flower while chanting; let the pink purple fill up all the chakras. The common name of the flower is “Morning Glory”. It is a glory for the consciousness; morning symbolically means waking consciousness.


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