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How to prioritize what you want from life?

Pampi My husband has taken a home loan. He has already paid a lot. How to pay the loan soon? I want to get a good permanent job? I also want to recover from my Mother Tongue Influence (MTI)? I am sorry for asking more.

Naran Prioritize your wants.

How to prioritize your wants – an exercise We are going to do a NLP technique here. So you have six wishes including to what Pampi has. They are:  Permanent Job, Learn English, Pay back the loan, Giving birth to a Child, Buy a new Car and Take a European tour. Imagine god is in front of you and you tell him your immediate wants. He asks you, “I can grant you only five wishes. Which one of yours, you can afford to let go?” You say, “I can say no to the European Tour”. Label no: 6 for the European tour. God asks you once again, “Sorry! I am going back on my word. I can fulfill only four of your wishes. Tell me which one you would like to let go?” You say, “I am not happy about your going back on your word. For now I can live with my accent”. So label no: 5 for Learning English. God is opening his mouth once again. Before he asks you the question, you answer him, “I will let go buying a new car. I will manage with my current one”. Label buying a new car as no: 4. Then you reluctantly agree to let go for getting a permanent job. The new person (child) in the family will need more attention. So label getting a permanent job as no: 3. Anyway, you had been paying the loan for last 5 years. And it will need at least three more years. So before god asked you, you were ready to say no to loan. Label it as no: 2. So now having birth to new child has been labeled as priority no: 1. The new list based on priority becomes:

  1. Give birth to a Child

  2. Pay back the loan

  3. Permanent Job

  4. Buy a new Car

  5. Learn English

  6. Take a European tourGod says, “Now, work towards priority no: 1. I will grant that wish to you. Once you get it, by then may be your wish number two or three would have been fulfilled too. Immediately after getting them, start working towards other wishes. You will be sure to get them”.


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