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How to open the gate of Abundance

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Money is a by product of happiness. Unfortunately, we are happy to receive money, but not so while spending or giving.

If you have happiness, you will receive money. It is happiness which brings money.

Happiness is the precondition for earning money.

The whole problem is that we always focus on what is not there in our life. That's why we are not happy.

Your focus is on lack

How to increase the level of happiness?

We must know the technique of being happy before getting the money or we should know what is happiness.

Why are we not able to be happy?

Our focus is not on happiness. It is on something else. That's why we are not happy.

We have to stop thinking money in terms of coins or Rupees.

Abundance or Prosperity have no connection with money. What all you have received so far without asking? Find out that.

Find how much and what you have received so far in your life. We never think about it.

Rewind your life

All your achievements gave you happiness. From whom you received help. Who you have helped without their asking. Your sight seeing would have given you happiness. The happy days in your life

Think on these lines. When you were happy and if you were happy that means, you are given something immeasurable.

How long you were able to retain that happiness?

If planting a tree brings you happiness, how long or how many days were you happy? Travelling brings you happiness. But how long you retain the happiness.

If you go back and visit the place mentally, do you feel the same happiness? NO.

We do not know how to internalise the happiness and that is why it just goes away

How to internalise happiness state?

Once you are happy, feel the happiness and send it to all the organs all the cells sitting in meditative posture. With the same smiling happiness writ-large in the face, call the organs by name and say, Heart, be happy like me; lungs be happy. See the energy of happiness fill up the organs in the form of beautiful orange colour.

Let us compare our behaviour.

In the case of anger or sadness, even if an incident happened long back , and you were hurt you will never forget, and you will keep it alive, by saying, "He hurt me at the age of 16". It is in our memory vividly.

Anger, resentment or envy or jealousy if harboured for a long time you will never have real happiness.

Happiness opens the gate of prosperity. Resentment or anger closes the gate of prosperity

Is getting angry wrong?

No. Use anger as a tool. When the anger finishes its work, forget about it. Do not store it for the next fight.

Do not nurture your anger emotions again and again.

Once the event is over, the anger must be over. Then only, you can revive happiness in you.

Do not carry the past grudges. Don’t allow the past to rule you. They are no more existing.

if it comes back in the mind, replace it with a picture of happiness.

Whenever you feel angry or hurt or upset, take a paper and write down bring out all from the mind, once you finish it show it tap water and tear and throw.


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