How to make sure our loved ones are safe


What we can do to protect our children and our loved ones – both mentally and physically?


You can call Wolf to accompany the child till he/she comes back from the school. You can also call Wolf to safeguard the child.

Say “OM ARUNAAYA NAMAHA”, and intend “Aruna, the charioteer of sun god, please be there to protect my child from anything untoward”.

Say “OM BHUVANESWARYAI NAMAHA” and pray, ‘O. Mother, Let all the limbs of my child be protected by you from all TEN directions.’

Call Violet Flame and pray, “Violet flame form a violet flame path ahead, around, behind my child, to keep away any dark force or dark being from its life path”.

Say 8 times, “(name) is a being of violet fire; (name) is the purity of Divine force.

Write the name of your child in a paper. Draw a circle. Around the first circle, draw one more circle, and in the gap between two circles, write, “MIMULUS ROCKROSE ROCK WATER SAVE GUARD ETERNAL LIGHT”.

Where there is MIMULUS, there is no misfortune or untowardness.

ROCKROSE will instantly help anyone who needs to be saved. ROCK WATER will keep away the extremists.

Give this to all parents who are all known to you.

When you are too much concerned and fearful about the safety of your child, chant “RED CHESTNUT”.


How many days should we chant and do we have to do all the steps given above? Please let us know.


Every day do this once.


All of them?



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