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How to find good time

“VALLABHAM GAJAANANAM EKA DHANTHAM” – Discussion Kancheepuram, 2016 Each and every word inside this mantra will work on different parts of our body. In EKA – there is KA and M in the end of the mantra, making up the word KAM. The word Kam will work on heart as well as shoulders. NAM in Gajaananam will work in the Basic Chakra, situated at the coccyx, energizing the spinal cord as well as activating and energizing the Mooladhara Chakra. VAM will take care of the stomach as well as for our relationships. How to find good time You might say, “My time is yet to come. The astrologer has said my good time will start only from next year”. Instead of waiting for the time how to make sure the time comes to us? The moment you think that time has to come to us, start chanting this mantra.


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