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How to pray or chanting to get the benefit

Updated: Jan 21, 2022


All of you must have known about the Kanagadara Stotra by Adi shankara.

"Kanaga" means Gold. "Dara" means Flow.

Case History narrated by Sir:

A woman approached Naran a few years back. She had a son and a daughter.

She told Naran that whenever I want to purchase house, there is always a shortage of money.

"Even though I am praying with Kanagadara Stotra for 10 yrs, why there is always a shortage of money? Is it really valuable?"

Story of kanaga dara

Adishankara used to visit every house and get food.

One day standing at the entrance of a poor lady's house, he asked her for food.

The lady was so poor that she could not offer anything at all.

Searching the house, she could find only one Indian Gooseberry in a rotten condition. She didn't have anything else in her house.

She gave the berry to him.

Even in that state of poverty, she had the generosity to give.

Adishankara looked at her and found about her state.

He then prayed to Mahalakshmi.

That prayer is called Kanagadara Stotra.

The main theme of the Sloka is as follows.

"Everyone praises you saying that you give wealth to so many people. What sin this poor lady had committed? Even that berry is not affordable. Please wipe out all her Karma and give her wealth"

Immediately, gold coin started pouring out.

He just walked out without attaching any importance to the event. The poor lady became rich.

Naran told the lady that Kanagadara Stotra was chanted for the sake of other person and not for the self.

Then how will you get the money?

Your daily chanting of Kanagadara Stotra help someone get the money

Every second, somebody is not getting the money and somebody gets money.

This is cosmic rule

Naran told her to say the following intention before praying.

"Let the benefit of all the recitation or chanting of the sloka go; bless all known and unknown people who are in same state as mine. Who are in same difficulty as mine."

After doing this, she bought a house in six months and got her daughter also married.

When you pray to come out of the debt, say "Let the benefit of my chanting or the recitation go to all the people who are the state of debt"

Whether you pray or chant switch words or mantra, keep this intention in mind and do.


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Sir, thankfully am not in difficulty or debt. Am ok but could do with the blessing to do more things in my life.

Do I chant with the intention you have taught ....or do I leave out "who are in the same difficulty as mine".

The flow will give me a better lifestyle and help others too.

Grateful thanks


Krupakar Marrgam
Krupakar Marrgam
Jan 23, 2022

Can i get this print out through post please


Vimala Sudhakharan
Vimala Sudhakharan
Oct 31, 2021


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