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How to determine one’s vocation in life

Deborah What is the best switch word to determine one’s vocation in life?

Naran S Balakumar Chant “THANKS, DIVINE ORDER”

Case History

Client My current job is at stake. It looks one or two of us would be fired as we are doing part-time contract jobs in the company. In general, when there is a cost-cutting, the first to go will be the temp staff.

Naran Chant “DIVINE ORDER” as many times as possible.

Client As I was chanting during the last four days, I noticed I was given more importance in my company. Interestingly, my ex-boss from another company, where I had worked few years back, called me and has assigned me a part-time job, which is as good as my current job. And, I can afford to do both. Are there are any reasons, why you suggested me to chant the switch word “Divine Order” only, instead of “Find Divine Order” or “Change Divine Order” that you usually suggest to us?

Naran Divine order will make you surrender to the divine. Then you will be able to find out things that work for you.


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