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How to decode flower remedies in terms of physical problems?

Naran S Balakumar

How did I arrive at this approach We need to understand some basic principles behind this approach. Whenever clients visit me, I have the habit of noting down the words spoken by them. I will not focus on the sentences spoken by them. Rather, I will focus on the words they will be repeating again and again. That word becomes the key word for me to pick the flower remedy. Whenever anybody converse with you and if you deeply analyze the words spoken by them, you will find every word will point to some flower remedy – any word for that matter.

Similarity between clients when it comes to physical problems When I was maintaining the diary, I found out that there is a correlation between words spoken and the corresponding health issues faced. One week somebody will come with some (life) problem and will speak some words. Next week somebody else will come and speak about some other (life) problem. Yet, the words spoken by them will be one and the same. Interestingly, the health issues faced by them will be same. Different problems faced by different people, yet they speak the same words. However, we attribute different mental aspects for different health problems. Yet, during last five years, I noticed people with different problems they are affected by the same physical problem. There, I found a beautiful similarity between the words spoken. One will come with the Knee problem. After some time, another person will come with a knee problem and will use the same language (words) spoken by the first person. For example, people with Fibroid or Polycystic ovary problem will utter the same words. This creates a need to look at the Bach Flower Remedies from a different level – a higher level. However, in allopathic diagnosis, the name of the disease is very important.

How to arrive at the remedies? If there is a problem in the blood – say blood pressure, then find out what is the remedy to be picked for blood. This becomes the base remedy for all types of problems related with blood. Let us say somebody has High Blood Pressure. Find out what flower remedy represents the word ‘High’ and likewise for ‘Blood’ and ‘Pressure’. Decode them and beautifully you will find all these flower remedies will work at the physical level also.


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