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How this 30 minute Audio can help me - I won't believe

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

When embarking on a weight loss programme, don't force the body.

Diet gently and gradually.

If you feel impatient with the listening of the WEIGHT LOSS CD, take the flower remedy IMPATIENS.

Address your thyroid problem.

If you are discouraged or disheartened about the program, take GENTIAN continue listening to the cd.

If you are resenting that others look better, do well and thereby losing confidence of weight loss, take the flower remedies willow and larch and continue listening to weight loss cd.

After buying the cd, if you postpone listening to the cd, take the flower remedy hornbeam.

If you have reverted to previous over eating habits, take WALNUT and CHESTNUTBUD.

If the dieting and losing weight becomes and obsession, take flower remedies, crab apple and Rockwater.

Crab apple will improve the self-image and Rockwater will help you become flexible.

While reading about weight loss cd, if you think

"I did so much to reduce my weight, but could not. How this thirty minutes MP3 audio can help me?"

Take flower remedy GORSE for a few days.


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