• Brilla Elsol

How Can We Call Upon Wolf?

Have its picture in the office or at home. A client of mine pasted it on the back of the front-door.

He won’t leave his house without looking at the picture and mentally telling Wolf about his program for the day. He thinks it works very well for him.

Write its name in a piece of paper and carry it.

You just need awareness. Connections with animal spirits are always there. We are just remembering it.

  • Keep its picture in the pocket.

  • You can also sleep with the Wolf picture under the pillow

  • Project the image of WOLF on the concerned person.

Wolf will never let us down – it’s the truth!!!

  • The calling method for help from Wolf is, say “Wolf! I thank you. Please help me”

  • Calling it by name

Call it using its Tamil name or a Hindi name, as language is not important.

  • Talk to it as though it is your friend.

Please note here, that we are calling the spirit of WOLF and not the animal itself.

  • Meditate upon it – for example look at the picture of WOLF for five minutes and then look at it internally for five minutes.

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