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Hindrance to a Peaceful Family Life

Subhayu SurThere is one unwanted relationship in my life, which I want to ward off. This is a one female colleague of mine, who came close to me. Now, she is not leaving me and being hindrance in my peaceful family life.

NaranPray to god to help you come out of this lady. Daily affirm, "I thank … to have parted from me”. Thank her (mentally) for what she gave you. At some point she gave what you lacked. Don’t hate her now. Thank her and forgive her as many times as possible. Write “CHICORY, WALNUT, ROCK ROSE” in a paper and keep it under the pillow.

ExplanationBreak the link: WALNUT To release the part of you that is still attached to her: CHICORY To be helped in times of need (similar to Wolf): ROCK ROSE


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