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Highly Enlightening Reiki Workshop - Jan 2023

Anitha Rajagopal

Naran sir’s Reiki workshop was highly enlightening.

The initiation process and the meditation thereafter was so calming.

The body and mind were at absolute peace.

As always, naran sir’s lucid explanation gave the assurance to tackle any kind of emotions and situations.

The significance of sir’s workshop is Not only we learn about various healing modalities but also we learn to have absolute faith in the Divine Mother. Naran sir’s words instill great love for the divine mother.

During the course of the workshop , naran sir asked, Do you think the Divine mother does not know you are suffering ?

She’s the first person to know that you are suffering.

My eyes teared up instantly when I heard that.

Naran sir Made me realize how grateful one should be to the divine mother when She answers our prayers and even more grateful when they are not answered.

Talking about prayers, how well naran sir taught us how to pray.

We are so ignorant that we don’t even know how to pray in the right manner.

His explanation on how to pray or to have intentions literally pushed me to surrender all my prayers and intentions to the divine will of the mother.

Sir, it’s not an exaggeration if I say, I sleep peacefully only because of your teachings and guidance.

We are ever grateful to the divine mother who’s operating through you sir.

Kindly continue to bless and guide us sir.

Seeking your blessings to practice all that you have taught us sir.

Our sincere gratitude to shobana mam for having arranged the workshop for us.


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