Healing tips from NARAN Sir for vaccination

On fixing appointments for vaccination, thank the hospital, thank the staffs and doctors in the hospital. On the day of vaccination, keep sipping rescue remedy water from the morning in adequate intervals and continue doing thanking exercises. When you start from home to hospital, start chanting “Divine Mother is accompanying me.” On reaching the hospital when the pre-test for vaccination is done, keep chanting within “Mother is here”. After vaccination, thank everyone. On reaching home, start self-reiki. Connect with reiki. Draw all the symbols. Intend “Reiki White light and peace fill up my body and all cells”. Give Reiki to the front and back third eye. Give Reiki to the front and back throat eye. Give Reiki to Heart center. Give Reiki to Liver, Spleen, Kidneys. Keep one hand on the right knee and another hand on the sole of right foot. If you feel feverish – Take IBGO as a support remedy in addition to prescribed tablets. If there is fatigue – take Centaury and Olive remedies. Listen to Solar energy CD in the morning. When you get vaccinated, you develop immunity against this virus and start spreading immunity.

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