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Healing power of Surrender

Updated: Apr 17


I got covid and I was having high fever, headaches, chills and body aches.

I also started having cough in my body.

I continuously started listening to Kunjitha Padam Sharanam mantra and played it non stop in my room.

For cough, I read somewhere that Naran Sir had given mantra OM YUM NAMAHA and OM RUM NAMAHA.

I was feeling too weak to chant so I wrote these two mantras, kept it with me. Within few hours, I saw my cough and fever was better.

And in 2 days I was fully recovered.

For these two days I listened to the mantra jaap continuously without any gap.

I also felt that I the weakness due to fever was also very minimal.

I want to Thank Naran Sir for sharing the mantras.

Thank you very very much Sir

Naran Sri's explanation:

OM YUM NAMAHA - Purifies the inhaled air, increases the energy of the body.

OM RUM NAMAHA - Increases the self -healing power and the invading microorganism which affects lungs, body gets killed.

Kunchita Padam Saranam

Saranam- Surrender makes the healing complete.

Kunchita Padam - To the lotus feet of the Supreme Divine who is the deity of all 5 elements.

Kunchita Padam Saranam mantra audio is available in mp3.

To buy this audio @Rs.400/-, send mail to


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