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He was not the right person for me...Thanks Wolf, Crow

Success story

I would like to share my first experience with 'Animal spirits'.

I had come across Naran sir's Blog 'Find whether your partner is genuine or not' which mentioned to carry a picture of crow to find if he is the genuine or not. So the day before I met the prospective groom, I created the wolf, crow picture collage and saved it as my mobile lockscreen and looked at it with the intention 'If the prospective Groom is the right person let the talks continue further'.

At that point, I had spoken to the guy several times on call or through WhatsApp chat and everytime we spoke I would get new revelations. We met on the appointed day and had a pleasant time. I also got messages in the evening.

But from next day I didn't hear a word from him. I took it as a sign from Universe that the person was not the right person for me.... Thanks Wolf, Crow.


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