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Growth factor

ClientI got a really good new position this month within my company because of the reorganization (but I have not moved to the new position yet). But, today I came to know of my bonus and salary increase for last year's performance and it was not good. My previous manager who hired me in my post last year is no longer with the company. She promised salary hike this year as I moved from another department, but never told HR or wrote it in paper. That is the reason; my bonus and salary increase has been affected. I spoke to my current boss about it and he said he will talk to HR and also to the head of our department to address this issue. I'm praying that they will increase it to what my old boss had promised. Is there any switch words that I can say for it?



ClientMy boss was finally able to get the pay to be half of what was promised. I'm happy and thanked him. I'm expecting my new pay by this Friday.


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