Great Golden Dawn Now Here (New Switchword(s))

Great Golden Dawn Now Here

When all your efforts are futile, chant "Great Golden Dawn Now Here"

When you have a sudden inadequate feeling and don't know what to do next, chant "Great Golden Dawn Now Here".

Great Golden Change Now Here

Chant these switchwords

  • To understand what internal changes you need to bring in to solve a chaos, problem, challenge, chant "Great Golden Change Now Here".

  • If you are unsuccessful in breaking a habit or behaviour , chant "Great Golden Change Now Here" to bring in the change.

  • Continuous chanting of "Great Golden Change Now Here" helps you to get the right perceptive about the event (that boggles your mind) or about the person.

  • To move forward and progress in life, to come out of the stagnant state

Great Golden Light Now Here

  • When you are stranded

  • When you have an idea, but don't know how to put into an action. (Example: You have done a course, but don't how to apply it practically.)

  • When you don't understand a subject

  • To understand and execute a project/assignment/task/work well

  • To find the good behind any bad event (To understand the life lesson behind any event that upsets you.)

  • To clear any misunderstanding

  • To come out of Chaos/confusion

  • To take the right decision

Great Golden Peace Now Here

Peace is the basis for body, mind to work and also desire manifestation etc.

  • Chant "Great Golden Peace Now Here" to have harmony at home.

  • When you want to put an end to a conflict/fight, chant "Great Golden Peace Now Here".

  • To manage an angry person or to stay calm in an angry/hostile environment, chant "Great Golden Peace Now Here".

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