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Got back my mobile

HH I gave my mobile to my brother’s son for repair. It is a costlier one. Now, my mobile is working well. However, he is not returning it back. I don’t want any quarrel between us. That’s why I am asking you. Most of the time, I am losing my patience.

Naran Chant “AGRIMONY, HEATHER, CHESTNUT BUD, CHERR PLUM, IMPATIENS” as many times as possible

HH At the same time, I want my mobile back.

Naran Have the mentality to do what is given. Add CHICORY also to the above combination. After a day of chanting he got back his mobile.

Explanation To avoid quarrel: Agrimony To be listened: Heather Not to lose control: Cherry Plum and to overcome impatience: Impatiens For being possessive about one’s mobile: Chicory Chestnut Bud: Not to be cheated.


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