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Give count - to sell anything.

From the Mail box of Naran:

I have a cab,which is 2014 model. the RTO says, they cannot give license to run as a commercial one. I planned to rent it out to uber. I want to sell the car as I have not made any profit out of it,kindly guide me with some powerful ways to get the car sold as soon as possible.i want to sell my car.

Chant Crystal Gorse wolf help give count divine now.

As many times as possible.

Write 56 times "why did i sell the car easily."


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Junk Car Coral Springs company buys all types of junk, used or wrecked cars for recycling their metal and auto parts. Moreover, they give satisfactory cash to their customers for the cars which they sell.


Sai s
Sai s
Oct 13, 2020

Naran Sir,

It would be a miracle if I sell the car at home which is pending for many years... Please let me know, whether we can wish for particular amount? Lot of things at home which I'm not able to sell. Feel every thing stuck or stagnant ... Please help to sell the old car for a decent price...

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