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Get all your money back

Ram I need money immediately as I had to clear some of my outstanding. No balance cash left in my bank account. My banker just called me today and I don’t know what to do. I am stuck up.

Naran Chant, “TOGETHER CLEAR GIVE CHANGE COUNT ON”. I have given you ON, as you are stuck up and you need to move on.

Ram I wrote only one page of the combination in a notebook. Within a day, I realized if I collect my outstanding amounts from my friends, with whom I do business occasionally, I will be able to solve the problem. All these days, I was reluctant to ask them as they were my friends and expected them to pay it by themselves.  Of course, they didn’t. I approached them and surprisingly one after another gave me money. In fact, one of them, who never ever repay money to anybody for that matter, without me asking, promised me that he will start giving my money in installments. One more person, who never bothered to repay even after I had asked her several times, paid her outstanding without much pressure from my side. To top all this, the banking staff is now willing to wait for me to pay my dues to the bank. Thanks to the switch words and you, now I have received some breathing space.

Naran We have a tendency not to ask our friends to repay the money owed to us. It doesn’t lead us to good karma. Therefore, proper EXCHANGE has to happen. The switch word CHANGE will make the situations, we are facing to disappear (as I mentioned in the Mind-Body Mystified II class) from our eyes. CLEAR has given you an idea to solve this problem. To know about the switch word GIVE, refer this blog, “Manifesting Money”: Keep writing the switch words to get all your money back. Good luck!!!


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