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Free from Emotional Trauma

GuapaI recently broke up with my boyfriend. And, I have been feeling hurt terribly. I would like us to come back together. Casually, I came across your website, have tried some of the mantras and even the forgiveness exercise. I still wake up with a heavy feeling and with a lot of emotional pain. Please guide me in this difficult period.



  2. While going to bed, be in the SAFETY MUDRA posture (Thumb touching the tips of little and ring fingers on both the hands).You will be free from emotional trauma.

ExplanationFor grief and hurt feelings because of broken love: (gem) IGNATIA Come out of love pangs: CHICORY Come out of shock and to recoup: STAR OF BETHLEHEM The Safety Mudra otherwise called as Safe and Secure/Pran Mudra will keep you in peace.


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