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Forgiveness Exercise for Developing Prosperity Consciousness

Naran S Balakumar There are so many healing methods available – Bach Flower Remedies, switch words etc., and healing techniques like alpha method to bring in money as well as achieve prosperity in our lives.

What should be the basic belief (to achieve prosperity)? When you were born, you come with a pot (of certain size) to receive. It cannot be altered. In this lifetime, if you are supposed to receive certain amount of money then you will receive only that much as your pot can hold to that extent. Everything is measured. Then why there are so many techniques available to bring in the money? Yes, you can bring the money by applying those techniques, but the money will not last.

Then how to change the size of the pot (so I can receive more money)? That will be quite interesting. But, the point is I don’t know the size of my pot? That’s the problem. However, I have so many wants. Want always denotes that you are lacking. Wanting is created by our minds. When you consider the universe, there is no concept of receiving at all. There is only giving. The infinity symbol denotes both giving and receiving. This is the reason behind adding infinity symbol in the various methods of forgiveness. Income and expenditure are like day and night. They happen in cycles. In certain cycles you cannot make money means then you cannot make it. The exchange is taking place only in the human world – for example, we remind somebody to pay the money we gave them last week. The sun is giving to the mother earth. Mother earth is giving in many ways. The air that blows is giving. Unless there is air we cannot breath. From the day of the creation, the space is increasing. Every day and every moment the space is increasing. That’s why the whole universe is becoming bigger and bigger. Why nature does not bother about receiving. The ocean never thinks that it will dry one day. Inside Mother earth whatever you sow, it will get reaped. The nature is not worried whether it will receive something tomorrow for its survival because they believe in only one source – the source of the divine. Can I just keep quiet and do nothing because I will receive everything from divine? No. We have to do our karma (action) and earn. But, thank for everything that we receive. Also think that the person ‘X’ is not giving the money, but the divine. The ‘I am sorry’ mantra can increase your receiving capacity by increasing the size of the pot. Keep the ‘my receiving ability’ or ‘my receiving pot size’ in the left palm and do the forgiveness exercise. Then that pot size will increase. CHANGE in the mantra will work to change the size of the pot. Chant as many times as possible, “I AM SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME LOVE THANKS DIVINE LIGHT CHANGE”.


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