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Find Love and Trust

Ms. RV What significance is a person falls down and fractures one of the bones in the foot, on the sole? Is there any mind-body relationship there? What are the Bach flower remedies or switch words to remedy this situation?

Naran You are flouting your own rule or principle. What is a MENTAL FALL? “Don’t deviate from love even if the other person is totally 100% unjustified or wrong in his action.” This is the message of the body.

Ms. RV Thank you Naran for the message revealed. Can any switch words be used or flower remedies for this condition as it is for my friend.

Naran Ask her to chant “I trust myself and all totally”.

Exercises from “I Love Myself” workbook to develop trust in oneself and lifeExercise 17: “IT IS SAFE FOR ME TO TRUST” Think about your unnecessary fears and worries (over which you cannot do anything) and release them one after another. Fear about others, self and health – when there is fear, it will not allow love to be there. To remove your fears chant, “I AM SORRY. PLEASE FORGIVE ME. FIND DIVINE FIBER” The switch word FIBER creates movement, as fear constricts a movement.


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