Egoistic Boss

Updated: Nov 21, 2019


There is always a complaint that I am criticised & discouraged. Somehow or the other, all the people are in the same state.

All of us need appreciation. When you need something means, how do you get it?

When you want appreciation, how to get appreciation?

Be appreciative. But you will not do.

Be appreciative also means that Be appreciative to the person who criticises you.

The other person finds fault with you and you find faults with him. That’s why both the energies co-exist.


Example: The boss is egoistic and compare you with himself. “I am so great”

Here, he finds fault with you and you also find fault with him as Egoistic.

If you chant this TOGETHER BRING PRAISE DIVINE, it will make your boss appreciative.

Whenever you find other people criticise you or unco-operative, chant TOGETHER BRING PRAISE DIVINE.

You also add the word ADJUST to it and chant ADJUST TOGETHER BRING PRAISE DIVINE.

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