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Durga Durgama Doshavarjitha Durachaara Shamani.

Updated: Dec 3, 2023


Durga Durgama Doshavarjitha Durachaara Shamani.


When you go to any house where there is a death or when you are attending a condolence meeting, place this CD & keep a glass of water next to the speaker. Once the CD is over, drink the water so that your aura, chakras get cleansed.

When you go to any mall or any crowded place, unknowingly you will have lot of negativity around you. You can wash your face, hands with this mantra energised water. You can also drink the water.

You can spray the water in the house.

The mantra charged water can be placed in the North East corner & throw it on the open ground the next day. Do not throw it in the wash basin.

It can be thrown in the garden.

If you want the mantra to go to any person, stick a photo/ name written on the paper on the speaker.


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1 Comment

Namashkar sir

i charge a big bottle of water with DURGA MANTRA cd in the morning. My whole family drinks this water only throughout the day. Is it ok to put bach flower remedies in the same water?

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