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Dosage and Administration

Taking Pills Directly (Naran Balakumar is marketing Bachflower pills only) An easy method and practiced all over the world, is to take the pills directly. Please make sure that:

  1. Do not touch the pills by the hand.

  2. Hold the pills in your mouth for as much time as possible.

  3. Take the most important remedy in an empty stomach during the early hours of the morning.Dosage & General Facts:

  4. There is no expiry date.

  5. There is no diet or other restrictions.No contra indications.Just dissolve the pills in their drinking water or liquor.

  6. Bach remedies are available in tincture of liquid form and pills form.

  7. Bach flower remedies can be taken while you are taking medicine or treatment from other system.

  8. These do not interfere or clash with the action of other drugs or treatment.

  9. Bach flower remedies are non habit forming and absolutely without any side effects even if wrongly used or taken in over dosed.Repetition:

  10. In acute diseases, one single dose (2 pills) give the desired results in a few seconds. If there is relief but not complete one can repeat several times. If there is no relief in the first dose, the selection is wrong, there is no question of the remedy showing the effect only after a few doses. Repetition of each dose should give more relief.

  11. In chronic diseases one to three doses per day is sufficient and proportionate to the improvement, we may gradually increase the duration between the doses. We may repeat until cure is obtained.

  12. As soon as the patient gets complete relief one can stop the remedy.

  13. In acute diseases after giving a dose of the indicated remedy, if there is a change in the picture, then select a new bach flower remedy to suit the present new set of symptoms and so on until a complete cure. 38 remedies are taken from flowers and, bushes and trees and a special source of water aim all emotional imbalance possibly experienced by man. Possible short term initial aggravation of the symptoms after the high dose of the homeopathic medicines is also greatly diminished when Bach remedies are given simultaneously.

Getting carried away by Bach Flowers Carry the remedies in your pocket. This puts you inside the energy field of the concerned Bach flowers. To get additional effect, affirm that you are inside the energy field of the remedies.

Chanting You need a remedy, but don’t have them with you. What to do? Chanting is the answer. Yes, chant the name of the flower or flower combinations and it will bring similar results – especially in emergency situations.Chanting the flower name means we have surrendered to the flowers, as we don’t know what else do. So it works for the same reason. We release the emotions and thoughts with help of flowers as otherwise whatever we think will happen. Chanting works even if the concerned person doesn’t do. There are no side effects, as see even chanting the flower works. They are like switch words and influence the subconscious mind. Though the pills are a medium through which the flowers do their work and they give a different sort of experience. Somebody living in a different town and they are feeling homesick. You may do the following: Chant Honey Suckle and it will work as their feelings are projection of ours. You are healed and they are then healed too. Also we are all one and the same and that’s why it is working – thus as a projection we bring people similar to or complement our nature. Let us see the interesting features of chanting now:

  1. In fact, this is the best method available to us, thanks to Naran Balakumar. It works better and very convenient too. Though when one falls sick then we can’t concentrate, and so won’t be able to do the chanting. Then it is easy to intake the remedies. Of course Bach flowers are quite effective in healing physical illness too.

  2. Even seven remedies combination had been tried at the same time and it found to work fine. With chanting it’s possible for you to see the effect of different combinations. Also, chanting is useful, to find out whether the remedy is appropriate for a given situation or not.

  3. You can keep changing different combinations without worrying about any time gap and it does work. Every combination will have its own effect. You may add or remove any Bach flower(s) to/from an existing combination and study the effect of the new combination. The reason is our minds shift very quickly from one mood to another and so making us to change the combinations too. For more information on Bach flowers - Attend our bach flower workshops and refer to our product catalogue


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