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Don’t expect the worst anymore

RaniI have bought your CD “RELEASE RESISTANCE”.  I am listening to it daily at night before sleeping as well as just playing it when the kids are around. Please let me know if I have to chant anything along with it. I am terribly insecure about my job though there are no major issues.

Naran When you feel insecure, chant “MIMULUS”. Buy “RELEASE FEAR” CD.

RaniI am now listening to Release Your Fear CD. I feel a sense of calmness. Now, I am more at peace. I keep listening to the mp3 even when I am at work.

Naran Best of luck!!!

RaniI can most certainly say that I have been benefited by listening to the CD for releasing fears. Now, everyday morning I don’t go to office expecting the worst. I am more positive as well as calm.


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