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Develop Loyalty and Fidelity in Relationships

Updated: Feb 15

Naran S Balakumar The animal spirit guide Jackal develops Loyalty and Fidelity in us.

Especially, it is an animal for men. Why? In this period of Facebook and other such social media, we find a 50-year old guy loving a 20-year old girl. All such things are happening. Men are going astray. Percentage wise it seems to be more, when I consider the questions I get. It looks like many men are into such behavior. Due to this, they don’t take care of the family also. In such situations, Jackal can help them to modify their behavior, change their attitude and make them loyal to their family and wife. For infatuations of such type, gem remedies CORAL, MOONSTONE and YELLOW SAPPHIRE will work.


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