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KalaI'm writing this mail for my cousin. I used to go through your blog and all those switch words and angel numbers explained in that blog used to work for me according to the situation till now. Your blog is very much helpful to public who are suffering from different problems. I really thank you for the support you have provided to the public through your blog. But now, our family is in great trouble. We are having a warehouse rented for storing spices. Due to heavy rain all those spices are destroyed. The company is saying that they are having a loss of three and half crores and my cousin is responsible for that. Our family can't afford this huge money and we are very much desperate sir. We all are fully tensed. Please find me some mantra or some switch words so that I can chant it for my cousin to help him get rid of this situation and my cousin not to be blamed by the company for the losses caused by natural calamity. We don't have any other way.


KalaI did the chanting. The company itself called my cousin directly and said that it’s not our problem. Losses caused will be totally claimed from the insurance company and now there's no problem for my cousin. We all are really happy due to your grace. Once again thanks a lot. God bless you.

ExplanationTo find a crystal clear solution: CRYSTAL Grieving and fearing over loss of money: CHICORY For hopeless situation: GORSE To REACH for HELP, the animal spirit guide WOLF is sought

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