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Create positives out of a situation


Let us see an example“My husband is not good. He is irritating too”, says the wife. She is blaming her husband here. If she has to handle this situation, then what resource (quality) she needs to handle it? Does she needs to be courageous, be more loving and caring, or be bold? When there is a problem, you need to ask yourself, “What one resource will enrich me and will help me to handle this life situation”. This way you are healing yourself. Instead, if some person is angry and you also get angry, then you are gone. So what do we need here? People would say she needs patience and tolerance. What’s patience? Patience is the quality or ability to withstand a situation without getting angry or upset. If that’s the case, then the Bach Flower IMPATIENS is the remedy. Impatiens will create patience inside you. You need tolerance also. BEECH is the remedy for it. Beech and Impatiens go together in cultivating tolerance and patience.

Developing a Life StrategyQuality of patience, without getting upset or angry about the other person, is waiting inside us, waiting for the right opportunity. We all need it. If I have it, then I will be striking at the right moment. It’s a Life Strategy. If we have this quality, we will have more consideration and caring for other people. To develop this strategy, take the flower remedy IMPATIENS. If I cultivate patience and tolerance (Beech and Impatiens), then I will become more considerate. Consideration means, there is more love and affection for other person. Then we will become accommodative. To be more caring, after being considerate, HOLLY is the remedy.


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