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Conversations with Naran - Work & Bhagadvat Geetha

In Conversation with Naran Sir :

Question: What is the significance of chanting the stanza you gave?

"Siddha Siddhyo Samo Bhoothva Kuru Karmani"

Can you please elaborate more?

Naran Sir: It is from Bhagadvat Geetha. One should understand that all mantras also act at subconscious level like switch words. We might not always understand the meaning of words but chanting and writing works at subconscious level. Bhagadvat Geetha is full of such Mantras.

What was the situation I suggested this to you?

You felt dissatisfied and not interested in work being given to you at office. You felt it was beneath your cadre or skill level or designation. That was creating lot of friction and you did not give 100%. This was because of ego that was acting out. "I" know more, "I" don't deserve this insult etc.,

Now, you started chanting the mantra what was the changes you saw?

Lakshmi: I chanted diligently and even put it on sticky note at desk and on laptop so I can see it all the time. Slowly my attitude changed, anytime I got work, I remembered what you gave and gave full effort. My friction with my boss diminished. I enjoyed my work no matter how hard or trivial it was. Thus I wanted to know the significance.

Naran Sir: That sloka snippet means that "All work is for Divine, Divine is giver and Divine is the doer. There is no such thing as trivial or prestigious here. So, you should do as if you are doing for Divine." Once you start understanding and act on it, ego does not come into play.

Mother also quoted on same

"Whatever work you do, do it as perfectly as you can. That is the best service to the Divine in man..... "

"Perseverance is important, you should think 'Even if it comes back million times, I shall do it again..'. There is nothing great or small..."

"A devotion that keeps concentrated and silent in the depths of the heart but manifests in acts of service (work) and obedience is more powerful, more true, more Divine, than any shouting weeping devotion"

Further on, Sri Aurobindo also says how we should change our attitude..

"It is good, it is all good, it is all right; I did what I could, as well as I could. Now, it's upto Divine. Surrender and Endure".

Best of Divine Grace.


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