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Conversations with Naran - Mantras


In Conversation with Naran Sir:

What are the benefits of listening to SREE RAM JAYA RAM JAYA JAYA RAM CD?

Naran Sir:

Listening to this CD helps in the prevention of Cancer. Physical Stress that is caused due to tension in the Job (feeling tired in the evenings after returning from Office) can be reduced listening to this CD. House wives who feel tired in the evening can listen to this. It will help increase the flow of Oxygen.

Regular intake of Antibiotics and Analgesics will turn the body into an Acidic state. Listening to the CD will change the body into an Alkaline state.

When a conflict occurs, there is hesitation as to how to resolve it. Reconciliation is facilitated by listening to this CD.

Playing it in the house will increase the Prana. Hence every household should have this CD.

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