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Chanting for others

Updated: Feb 19

Can we chant on behalf of somebody? Anybody can chant the mantra. No negative effects. You can chant for anybody.

Think about the person and then start chanting. Another method of chanting for somebody is…

  1. Mentally keep the person in your left palm.

  2. Keep the right palm about 18″ to 20″ away from the left hand.

  3. Go on chanting the switch words and names of the remedies.

  4. Bring the right hand slowly steadily towards the right hand and finally when it touches the left palm, end the chanting.

  5. Thank the person and say, “please go back to your place”.

  6. Thank the switch words and remedies.

Is there any specific method to follow while chanting? There is no specific rule for that.

How to chant other’s name?

I am really worried for my brother’s marriage. My parents are looking for suitable match as he is already 30 now. But because of his job problem he is denying to see any girls. He has to travel a lot at far places. May you please guide me if I can do anything so that he will get a proper job and a suitable girl? I am more worried for my parents. Naran Sri Balakumar Chant “…….. (Insert your brother’s name) RELEASE RESISTANCE TOGETHER FIND DIVINE LIFE PARTNER”. Let us say your brother’s name is Sam, you need to chant, “SAM RELEASE RESISTANCE TOGETHER FIND DIVINE LIFE PARTNER”. If he is ready to chant then he can skip the name and chant, “RELEASE RESISTANCE TOGETHER FIND DIVINE LIFE PARTNER You can use his official name or his alias, as name is nothing but a hook, to do the healing.


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