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Changes begins from us

NaranIt means all. It is her view. We don’t know whether a person is a rogue or not. However, the healing is always given to a person who makes a complaint about the other. As a healer, we assess the mental state (of the person complaining) and give the remedies. Question: Is it possible for a man who has led a wayward life since his teens change into a good man with the help of remedies?

NaranAnybody can change into a better person, provided he wants to. However, the healing is always aimed at the self. If you are putting up with a person, who is wayward, you have to change yourself. Heal your emotions; heal your reactions; heal your way of thinking. If you are able to change effect in yourself, by taking the appropriate remedies, the opposite person will change. In any relationship, one has to change to see the change in the other. This is the rule.

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The remedies which are given in white light, are giving me very good results. Special thanks for that. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you.

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