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Change the way of my son

Tarsem Chima My son has taken off with an older woman, who’s on drugs. I am a widow staying with my daughter on a very small pension, waiting for my son to settle down, so that I can stay with him. You gave me the remedy “TOGETHER BREAST LIFT KIND DIVINE”. I am doing it 1000 times a day. There are no changes at all in spite of doing other chanting also. He is not changing his way and neither speaking to us. I am very worried. What do I have to do so that he will change his ways, get a good job, settle down, find a good wife and have a family.

NaranChant only this, “TOGETHER BREAST LIFT KIND DIVINE”. Keep your son in the left palm with all his weak points. Keep yourself on the right palm with all your opinions and "wanting". Keep the palms horizontally 1 or 2 feet away from each other. Bring both the palms together slowly, and very slowly, while chanting “I AM SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME. ALIGN LINK WITH CENTER DIVINE”.

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