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Case histories - General Situations

1.  A loss in business Impatiens is the flower for a person who makes loss in business. Naran is out to the supermarket, after making his purchases he is at the pay counter waiting for his turn. Suddenly he is pushed aside by an elderly customer who seems rather agitated and is screaming at the counter sales person. He was lamenting 92……92…… the bonus points have not been accounted. He was so impatient that he did not allow the recipient to even assimilate what is happening. Naran silently observes the drama, tapping on himself and affirming – I choose to be patient. The elderly customer leaves the place heated and keeps screams that the loss is his. Naran recounts his observation, Impatience leads to loses. The flip side being when a person has a loss he will be impatient. Impatiens is the divine healer here. It will ensure that the person sees profits and gains. On the roads, amidst traffic drivers are advised to chant Impatiens for accident free journeys. Prostrations to the Flowers, the Divine Grace. 2.  Being cheated Ram and Barath, his subordinate are on a sales tour. Ram neither carries the company’s money with him nor his credit card. Barath had to foot all the bills amounting to Rs.13,000/- as he did not have a choice. He was also assured an immediate reimbursement on his return to the head office at New Delhi. Two months passed by and Barath did not see of his reimbursement. This was the time he got a better offer and wanted to leave. In order not to hassle his relieving process he did not ask for his money. He was in his new job. He came to Naran telling him that he still felt he ought to get the money that was due to him. Ram was intending to cheat him and was not even answering his phone calls. Naran advises him to take the flowers Rock Water and Chestnut bud. A week later Barath reverts with a negative and no movement. Naran adds on Impatiens ,yet another Divine flower. Within the next three days , Barath happily gets his money back. The inference here is that , the cheater and the person being cheated are one and the same. Rock Water and Chestnut bud are like two sides of the same coin. 3. Feeling disempowered Maya called Naran and tells him that she was visiting her tenants and asking them to vacate her house. She was expecting trouble from them and also felt that as a lady she mightn't be able to handle them alone. She was wondering if she had to take someone along. She asked Naran for his advice. Naran promptly told her to take the Divine flowers Agrimony, Beech and Walnut as her company. Put down these names on paper and let it be on your person i.e., your bag, wallet etc., The flowers will take care of you. Don’t bother. Empowered with flowers Maya visits her tenant and he agrees to vacate the house in fifteen days without any quirms. Naran had suggested Agrimony for avoiding any conflicts that might envisage, Beech for proper understanding and communication. Walnut is for flexibility, yielding and creating a conducive environment. Hence one is channelizing the energy of tolerance from Beech, flexibility and yielding through Walnut and peace through Agrimony. 4. Anger due to lack of understanding Mr.Prabhu had a complaint against his boss. He had not been paid his salary for the past five months. Prabhu said, ‘I want to quit and seek a new job, but I can’t get a job elsewhere. I have to get a certificate from my present employment. On completion of one year my boss would be willing to give a certificate with three years experience. On quitting now, I lose the money I’m due for, the certificate and my prospects for a better job. I am very angry and do not feel like even looking at my boss. Can you give one positive reason working for him? ,asked Naran. Prabhu said that he was getting an excellent training, hence a wonderful learning opportunity. The work experience he gathered from here was also vast. But I feel I must be paid my dues. Naran tells him to shift his thought pattern. This is a place where you are getting paid to be trained. This means that the learning comes to you free of cost. There is nothing wrong if your boss has not been paying the salary for the past 5 months. Reframe your attitude - the company is providing you with an excellent training and work experience. Thank your boss for the learning opportunity, forget about demanding for money and request him to forgive you. Keep chanting – My boss is a great person and I thank him for teaching me free of cost. This will bring you a lot of peace and your anger will also subside. Prabhu was also supported with the Divine flowers Centaury for not being able to ask for his salary assertively, Willow for his anger and tendency to blame and Water violet for distancing from his boss. Naran elucidates – Reframing: A unique path to your life? Reframing, a powerful technique, is a different way of thinking about an event or incident. It brings another perspective to an issue. The pattern changes from being totally negative to being totally positive. When this positivism occurs the dynamics change. A whole new world of joy, satisfaction, love, confidence and exuberance open up. A miracle transforms the body into a wonderful being. For example, when you catch a cold, the discomfort, stress and sadness causes you to curse the state you are in. Anger and resentment follow. This gets recorded as a negative pattern in the body. Reframe your thought pattern here. Think differently; listen to your inner call for the cold – A time to rest in peace. You will feel a difference. You will no longer remain stressful or angry or resent your state of mind and body.


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