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Case histories - Category Worry

Case history for Agrimony A 20-year old girl is living alone with her father as her mother is no more. Most of the time, her father is not around as he developed a drinking habit and comes home late. The father was brought to me here. His daughter told me that she was alone at home as everyday her father comes home late after he gets drunk. Therefore, she was worried about him. I asked her for how long he was drinking. She replied that for the last two years after her mother died. After death of wife, he wasn’t able to forget her. I decided that it is no point advising him to stop drinking. I gave him Agrimony and White chestnut – for when he is alone he was thinking constantly about his wife. Case history for White Chestnut 15 years back somebody called from Triplicane. He said, “I am taking lot of medicines for this problem. The moment I wake up in the morning, I sneeze for 100 times. I live in Triplicane where my family lives with four other families in the house. I feel ashamed as I disturb others due to my sneezing”. I told him to take White Chestnut. Next week he came to see me with fruits. Periodicity of the problem indicates White Chestnut. Hiccups: White Chestnut and Scleranthus After two days of affiliation if the patient becomes desperate: then instead of White Chestnut take Sweet Chestnut. It will work. Where White Chestnut stops working Sweet Chestnut will work. See the subtleness. Running nose: take White Chestnut, Crab Apple and Walnut. If it doesn’t stop, replace White Chestnut with Sweet Chestnut. Case history for Honey Suckle Ramachandran retired from his government services. He got a sum of five lakhs of rupees towards his final settlement. Ramachandran was always thinking about his office. I gave him Walnut (for transition) and Honeysuckle (not to think about the office) separately. Chandran a friend of Ramachandran asked him to deposit a sum of five lakhs of rupees in a benefit fund, where Chandran is working and he had meet his target. Ramachandran said yes. He wrote the cheque and asked his friend to collect it in the evening, as the time then is auspicious. Around 11 am, Ramachandran heard the news that his uncle has passed away. Therefore, he left for Coimbatore. “Life events happen without asking us. We are always concerned about our children, our environment and us. However, for divinity, every molecule in this Universe is important. It would have preferred him not to give the cheque.” He informed Chandran from the bus stand, that he would come back and give the cheque after two days. Nevertheless, Chandran insisted that he needs it to complete his target ASAP. Ramachandran pleaded his inability to give the cheque. Ramachandran came back after 3 days, just to realize the closure of the benefit fund due to lack of funds. He mentioned to me that one of the flowers has stopped him from paying the money and losing it. I told him, “It is Honey Suckle.” Before taking any important decisions, take honeysuckle, for example in the case of letting out our homes or leasing it.


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