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Career never took off

KC I am 41years old. My biggest disappointment is my career never really took off. I was a bright student and topped university during master’s degree. The work opportunities that I got were after much hard work. But the things never worked out at the workplace for some reason or the other. I always had problems with superiors. I had to quit and undergo humiliation. In my life, most of the women I have encountered in the form of neighbours, friends, mother-in-law, boss, sister-in-law, sister, sometimes even mother, have shown and experienced their hatred and jealous side. I have suffered much humiliation. The surprising part was when I analyse was they all wanted me to be under their control. I suffered and still suffering when I tried to free myself. Money has always been a problem. Life at times seem directionless to me.

Naran Analyse what you want. Analyse your weak points within. Judge yourself. Classify yourself. Find out which behaviour of yours or which belief or which opinion about others prevents you from getting affection from others. Make a list and try not to behave in the same old fashion. Chant,“I AM SORRY! PLEASE FORGIVE ME! I LOVE YOU! I THANK YOU! DIVINE!” whenever you meet a person. Let this run in your mind throughout.


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