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Can women find solutions to the problems they face?

Rushrush Can we women find a complete solution to recurring gynaec problems e.g. UTI, yeast infections, pelvic inflammatory disease, urinary incontinence, uterus prolapse or weak pelvic muscles. Like one mantra to solve all these problems!! I would appreciate your guidance as I am sure this would be a common problem for most women.

Naran Your question though puzzling, is quite interesting. All these gyneac and their symptoms have only one common thread: “Unable to accept the gender or sexuality in which one is born”. It is there in most of the women. These gyneac problems suggest that the fairer sex is not accepting or constantly resisting her role as a female.

Message from the bodyFor women’s urinary tract infections: one is too much attached with her parents - unable to detach and relate well with the in laws. It could be either homesickness or comparing the in-laws with their parents. Uterus prolapse: total denial and resistance to the menstruation cycles. Pelvic inflammation: rigidity in the relationship with the husband. Weak pelvic muscles: inability to accept and love oneself; total denial of what is happening; or feeling powerless. Urinary incontinence: the mind constantly worries and wants to go back to the child state. Wanting to be taken care off.

Mudra for healing The following Hara Mudra can help all the women in general: Right hand thumb touching ring and little fingers. Left hand touching middle finger and ring finger Be in this Mudra and chant, “I OPEN up myself to the LOVE, BEAUTY and GRACE of the DIVINE”.


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