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Can’t keep extra money ever

Grace I noticed that I cannot keep excess money ever. All of them gone by the 5th day of getting paid. I feel as though I must spend it as soon as I have it. Or some unexpected ill comes to take the remaining amount. My goal is to pay off all of my debts and have healthy savings so that I can travel, pay for classes and start a small biz. I know my parents also have issues with money – they never had any savings and are very wasteful. What method of healing do you suggest to accomplish my goal?


  1. Download a picture of WILD ROSE and keep it under the pillow, for cutting the expenses.

  2. Be in Pushan Mudra daily for at least 20 minutes.

  3. For savings be in the Vitality Mudra (Pran Mudra) while in the bed and chant TOGETHER COUNT.Explanation WILD ROSE: the Bach flower remedy when you had given up and watching things lamely PUSHAN MUDRA: the Acceptance Mudra to balance your income and expenditure. VITALITY MUDRA: the safe and secure Mudra for money and stability. TOGETHER: the switch word will take care of your internal resistance to save money COUNT: to find money


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