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Can gem stones like Diamond affect us?

Using Gem Remedies Part II


Can gem stones, for example Diamond, affect us?Some events are happening. We give some explanation. Everything happens only in the mind. Diamond is nothing but carbon. Why diamond bonds relationships? Though, it is made of carbon, it is hard. Diamond’s message is solidity in relationship. Therefore, it is important for a relationship. Diamond takes care of fidelity and they can be also be used in mediation.

Does buying gem stones and using them is better than taking gem remedies? You don’t have to purchase any gem stones to do the healing. There are over more than 1000 gem stones available. You cannot afford to buy them all.

I want to wear a gem stone all the time. Can I? I always don’t advice people to wear a Gem or semi-precious gem stones as they are not good for continuous wear. However, chant the name of the Gem (remedy).

I am not sure whether the gem I had bought is contaminated or not! If you doubt about quality of the gem stone, then cleanse it with salt water – preferably rock salt. For one week, soak the gem stone in water.

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