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Build a relationship step by step

Naran A girl was married 10 years back. From that time onwards till now, she was not allowed to visit her mother’s house at all. Neither she should talk to her family members nor should her parents visit her. Chitra suggested her to chant “OM HAM NAMAHA, OM YAM NAMAHA, OM RAM NAMAHA, OM VAM NAMAHA, OM LAM NAMAHA”. After chanting for three days she was allowed to go to her parent’s house.

Explanation So it is an excellent mantra combination for relationship, building harmony in the family and develops understanding as well. It will also release all the imbalances in the chakras. Ham – the desire to relate, comes to the space, Yam – taken out by air, telepathy is established, and Ram - the connection is established Vam – to relate and Lam – one calms down after manifestation of the desire


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