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Blissful learning - Reiki Workshop


I had decided, ever since I came to know Naran sir, that I will learn Reiki only from him. But somehow I could not attend all these years due to some circumstances whenever sir announced the class. I was delighted that this time I could attend. Naran sir's teaching method is unique, but he keeps it simple to easily understand for all students. His memory about each student is amazing. The energy in the room was so soothing. And it was a blissful learning. I will incorporate the learning and practice in my work. Thanks to the Divine, Sir and all those who facilitated the work shop.


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Student Naran’s sir’s Reiki class was wonderful, clear and crisp. I already learnt through someone else which was a tired experience and too lengthy process. Sir’s class can be followed and used ever

Sindhuja They say when times come you will find your Guru and it's True. I was a bit anxious initially about everything how it's going to be but Sir presence made it easy and He explained what Reiki i

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