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Bach Flowers Combinations - Part 1




Rescue Remedy will remove the fear. It will make the healing complete. Antibiotics alone will not be enough.

Accident- Prevent

Impatiens - to drive safely, and provide caution and carefulness

Accomplish a goal / complete a deal

Pine- can be taken as a positive resource, to achieve anything, to complete a goal or to complete a deal

Attention / Develop Appreciation

Children who want more attention and admiration - CHICORY and HEATHER. They are expecting appreciation, while we look at their faults. A human being is a mixture of good and bad stuff. Bad things have to be corrected. Good stuff has to be appreciated like watering plants. Then children will blossom like flowers. We need appreciation too. If we get it, we will blossom too. Without appreciation people shrink as well as their emotional heart.

Burning sensation

Willow, Beech, Cherry Plum as burning is Willow's expression


Crab Apple (physical cleanser), Oak (workaholic, strain in the blood vessels and thickening of arteries) and Vine

Collect money

Rock Water, Chestnut Bud and Chicory - You will get money sooner. Write both names in the circle and the remedies around that.


should happen between two people:Beech, Walnut, Agrimony and Chestnut bud

Communication / meeting in office

Build rapport between attendees in a meeting: Beech + Walnut. Chant for a few minutes and say “ May Beech and Walnut be activated in the room for next 4 hours” a few times for a wonderful result

Concerned about the loved ones

Mothers who are concerned too much about children. RED CHESTNUT and CHERRY PLUM. Concern and fear about other person needs RED CHESTNUT. When the loved ones don’t return on time, then fear about their safety will come as visuals inside your mind. You will have no control over it. When you take the remedies, you will become normal and your loved one will come home immediately.

Constant Fever

Walnut, White Chestnut, Crab Apple

Constipation - General

Am not worried even then there is no motion for three days – White Chestnut.

It will feel like coming but it won’t. Even after taking 4 glasses of water nothing will happen, and so no proper motion – Scleranthus

Nothing happens until 8 am. Will take coffee and after that it will come. So a starting problem -Hornbeam. Add Scleranthus too. When visiting a new town nothing happens – Walnut

Couldn’t control when we are outside – especially urine and motion – Rock water + Cherry Plum.

Frequently – White Chestnut

As soon as he gets up will run to the toilet – Rock Water + Cherry Plum

Constipation - timing

Hornbeam, Scleranthus and Walnut – morning, and in the night - White Chestnut


- food

Starting problem

White Chest Nut, Walnut, Crab Apple and Hornbeam à have to change food diet as there may be no fiber in the food.

Hornbeam : will get up at 6 am but will need a coffee or any other stimulant to get up from bed


If it is relieved after walking then Hornbeam, after shaking the body- hornbeam, right calf muscles - fear (Mimulus), and will not move from one place, so may be Hornbeam too.

Dharshan Pack

Gorse and Clematis even temple that is closed will be opened for you. Take the same remedies to go to ashrams like Ramana ashram, chant the remedies and the experience will be different.


Oak, Crab Apple and Wild Rose, a typical diabetes expression is, “It is in the family” – which is a Wild Rose expression (90% of the patients say so).


Rescue Remedy, Olive, and White Chestnut

Diet Freaks

You would come across many diet freaks these days. Weight reduction will not happen by dieting. What’s the point in avoiding things? At least once in a way we should eat stuff that we like, for example ice creams. The irony is that more and more we think about our physical figure, we will not reduce weight.

The remedy for diet freaks - OAK, CRAB APPLE and ROCK WATER. The message from this combination of Bach Flowers is, “Take life easier

Disk prolapsed

During unbearable pains, take Rescue Remedy; proplapse means separated - Water Violet (if there is no conversations going then he has some problem with a member in the household and therefore the message from the body is that you have to patch with those whom you fight. Also may be mentally separated and not physically) and pain means Pine

Dryness in the eyes

opinionated, therefore I have to change my views: Beech, Rock Water and Willow. Dry - Life is dry. Rigid and self-denial is more.

Dust Allergy (cold)

Beech, Walnut, Crab Apple, and White Chestnut


Agrimony, Crab Apple à if itching is more then add Rescue Remedy

Emergency Remedy

When too much of anger HOLLY, WILLOW, and RESCUE REMEDY

Rescue Remedy has the advantage when terror and panic strikes, and for emergency situations. Somebody just met with an accident, and the person suffers from continuous bleeding. Think about him. Chant RESCUE REMEDY and bleeding will stop. Even when you hear bad news about somebody, write RESCUE REMEDY and keep it under the pillow of the patient. The patient may be under observation; the doctor has said let us wait for 24 more hrs; RESCUE REMEDY, SWEET CHESTNUT and RED CHESTNUT will bring the patient out of the ICU.

Exam - Before

/ Study Pack (general)

Scleranthus, Chestnut Bud, Walnut, Oak and Hornbeam

Exam - (lack of interest / Confidence)

To be taken before exam

Scleranthus + Chestnut bud + Wild Rose + Gentian + Hornbeam

Exam- Easy

To get an easy question paper: Walnut

Exam –ve state

To avoid negative states in exam hall like making silly mistakes or thoughtlessness, losing confidence or memory or enthusiasm suddenly - Impatiens, Hornbeam, Elm, Gentian

Exam- Day

On the date of the exam: Rescue Remedy, Mimulus and Larch (last two remedies are for fear of performance)

Exam - After the exam

Gentian, Wild Rose and Walnut (you will not fail in the exam)


The child not keeping quiet Oak. “Don’t touch me don’t come near me either” Waterviolet.

When somebody enquires about health, the concerned person gets irritated - Impatiens

Doesn’t talk about fever - Agrimony

Old people in general don’t want to disturb others and will take the medication by themselves or take the medication in advance so as to not to disturb other’s sleep - Agrimony

I will stay for one more day as I don’t think I am completely alright yet, seeking more attention and sympathy - Chicory, as they want more attention as the pot with a hole will be never be filled

Food Allergy

Pine, Crab Apple, and White Chestnut

For any knee problem

Rock Water, Walnut and Hornbeam

Functions- Organizing

You are fixing up marriage of your daughter or organizing a birthday celebration. What are the remedies that can help the function to go smoothly and without a hindrance in any form? The hindrance when a marriage is fixed, say for example could be in the form of somebody’s death.

We might have some specific states of mind like for example, “Everybody should eat well, everybody should have fun” and so on.

Sweet chestnut : To conduct any function smoothly, you need Sweet Chestnut (Divine) has to be there.

Walnut : People attending the function adjust to the situation comfortably.

Gentian: There should not be any regression. There has to be only progress once you start organizing the function and execute your action steps. Everything should go on well without any regression. GENTIAN is the remedy for that.

Rescue Remedy: Children might get hurt during the function. You don’t want to spend your time taking them to hospital. In addition to four remedies mentioned above, add RESCUE REMEDY to avoid panic situations.

Fear of completion: HORNBEAM

Function - General Instructions

  1. All the four remedies are important. Once the date of the function is fixed, put them every day (5 pills each remedy) in common water and drink it.

  2. Also keep a glass of water with the combination (3 pills from each remedy) in the North East or on the West side of the house.

  3. To avoid children getting hurt, keep RESCUE REMEDY on the western side in a glass of water, as it is the side of relaxation. Then there will be no panic situation to be faced.

  4. We have reached the party hall. Wherever there is light, the darkness would follow. Spray the five remedies in the hall before people arrive at the hall.

  5. Approach the cook and give him a glass of water mixed with the combinations. Tell him the water is from sacred river Kasi as he may be a non-believer of Bach Flower Remedies. Ask him to add that water to the water he uses for cooking. Nobody would complain about taste. Food will be sufficient for everybody. Like Atchaiya Pathiram (vessel that contains unlimited food) it will be enough for everybody – as we won’t be able to predict how many will turn up for the function.

Gaining weight

Protein and Crab Apple

General Fatigue

Centaury, Hornbeam and Olive

Harmony Family

There are flowers BEECH, WALNUT, WILLOW, AGRIMONY, CHICORY, and CHERRY PLUM (Harmony Pack) to bring harmony into your life. Call them and affirm, “Bring harmony in my family”. Whenever you fear there will be confrontation, write the names of the Bach flowers mentioned in paper before talking to your family members and face the situation. You will find everything happens well. When these five flowers are present then we can bring 100% harmony in the family or between two people

Harmony - Possessiveness

Walnut, Cherry Plum, Beech, Willow and Agrimony, and may be Chicory too, if you find your spouse possessive.

Lack of enthu-siasm in life

Hornbeam and Wild Rose - lazy approach to life as there is no internal motivation to live

Head ache - Migraine

Rescue Remedy

Heart Taking care

Dr.Bach Flowers ELM OAK OLIVE combination for any heart problem.

Do Heart Mudra (refer for instructions in the Mudra section) in addition. It will give energy to your heart by eliminating Carbon Dioxide. Do it 15 minutes, both in the morning and evening. Pressure and cholesterol will become less. Blood circulation in the heart will improve.


Beech, Willow, and Scleranthus

High BP

Agrimony, Willow, Cherry Plum and do Yoga and Pranayamam (breathing exercises) as well

High Fever

Rescue Remedy

Hopeless State

Any hopeless state should be turned into joy. There is a bus strike and no bus around. You have vacated the lodge. Nobody is standing in the bus stand too. You have to go to Chennai, the next day. You become hopeless. Chant GORSE. Hopeless state will turn into joy. Some bus or some form of transportation will be found.

Interview Pack

Water Violet + Larch + Gentian + Wild Rose

An example: An examiner from USA to check the credentials of Healers of a centre in Bangalore. One of the healers – a lady student of Naran, asked for a solution as she felt she may not be able to understand the accent of the American and thus she may not do well in the exam. She chanted the combination. The time that was given to her was 3 pm. The healers before got fewer marks facing the same language problem. When the lady’s interview was due, the examiner said he was tired and so he asked the center head to conduct the interview. Of course the center head is a friend of this lady. So the exam results were good.

Kidney Stones

grimony for Lumps of un-dissolved anger. Centaury - he can’t express his anger (Centaury,Willow), Crab Apple - as it is a physical cleanser

An example: A student of Naran said the affirmation for Kidney Stones mentioned in the book written by Louis L Hay “Heal Your Body” 1000 times every day for a week and took the pills only once. Two stones came by itself without any operation.


Let me do it later – Scleranthus will get up late and will postpone

Love Failures

Chicory and Willow

Low BP


Lower Back pain

Means require support. Chicory (needs support), Hornbeam and Centaury (has no back bone)

Male domination

Women resenting it is in Willow state. When the resentment vanishes, the domination vanishes too.

Marriage Divine Grace

We need divine grace to get married: Sweet Chestnut. No marriage should happen without this remedy.

Marriage - whether the person is right or not.

Before the bride groom comes to see the girl, Sweet Chestnut will help us to find whether the person is right or not. Put it in a glass of water and keep it in the house or drink water.

A Punjabi girl and a Punjabi guy from UK were on talking terms. Lots of money spent was spent for the calls made and internet usage. The marriage was initiated. The guy said his parents may not agree as they belong to different sub sect and so suggested to get married first and then inform his parents. The girl agreed for this arrangement and not her mother. Both the daughter and the mother took Sweet Chestnut. After few days a call came from the guy’s number. The person called was his wife. She told them that he is a cheater. He has cheated quite a few girls like this. As she couldn’t escape she is hanging around with him. Then the girl did some verification and Punjabi address that the guy had given was wrong. She was given Star of Bethlehem (for the mental shock after she figured out the truth) and Chicory – pangs of love and love failure.

Marriage- Adjustment

If you splash Beech and Walnut in the room – then there will be no demands and will adjust to each other requirements and needs. For example: Nikitha – a Reiki Teacher. In her friend’s house sprayed water that is mixed with Beech and Walnut on all walls. During the meeting, the girl started singing. Then the groom joined her and later everybody joined the girl. In the end they mentioned that somehow they feel that all of them belong to the same family.

Marriage – Choice/ Unable to decide

Scleranthus: to choose between Vanaja and Girija.

Marriage- Coral – for disparity in love

A teacher loved her own student, and she is older than him by few years. Both of them took Coral. After a month they agreed to stop, as they realized that their mental compatibility is not good enough for the marriage to survive.


You are going as a mediator where there is plenty of anger and anguish around. You wanted to convince everybody and make him or her understand your viewpoint. You need to speak their language. AGRIMONY (add this only if you feel angry), BEECH, WALNUT and CHESTNUT BUD – use this combination for any type of mediation.

Money flow

When the money will come? Day dreaming - Clematis, will feel low- Larch. Add Aspen and Walnut to the remedies.

Money from government

Water Violet, Rock Water, Scleranthus, Oak and Hornbeam

Not focused

Chestnut Bud, Clematis


Centaury for they will become short – Pine and Rock Water. They have to take some medication for calcium deficiency as well.

Pain unbearable

Rescue Remedy


Beech, Willow, Cherry plum

Poor digestion


Postponement -laziness

The second type postponement is because of laziness- HORNBEAM


They come in two types. The first type says “I have plenty of time so I will do this later” - SCLERANTHUS. On the last day I pay my bill and I become impatient (remedy IMPATIENS). Whenever you say, “I have enough time” you will never have time is the message of SCLERANTHUS.


To bring prosperity to an investment like land- sprinkle Walnut on the land. Its value will increase

Protection against robbery

When you are going on a vacation, either in the main door or on backdoor keep the photo of the flowers – Rock Water + Chestnut Bud. No thief will come to your house. On road, add Vine as these days’ robbers kill the victims too. Nobody will attack you

Red Carpet Welcome

For any pilgrimage tour, take GORSE and CLEMATIS. You will get a red carpet welcome wherever you go. You will be treated like a VIP.

Repeating the mistake

Chestnut bud, while a person who keeps doing the same job then give – Oak

Running nose

Sweet Chestnut, Walnut and Crab Apple

Running Nose

Cherry plum, Walnut, Crab Apple, and White Chestnut à Stop White Chestnut when it doesn’t stop and add Sweet Chestnut – as desperation would have set in.


Beech, Willow


Gentian + Larch + Pine

Sibling Rivalry

Chicory and Holly

Skin Problems

For any type of skin problem – CRAB APPLE, AGRIMONY and RESCUE REMEDY (add RESCUE REMEDY only if the itching is intense). For any skin disease, CRAB APPLE and AGRIMONY is the base remedy.

Sleep / Waking problems

Late - I sleep late and get up late: add Scleranthus to the base remedy.

Tomorrow what should I do: editing work at my newspaper office -Vervain

I got up in the middle of the night: administer base remedy

Worry: Agrimony, White Chestnut, Walnut and Crab Apple is the base remedy

Nothing helps: Passi Flora mother tincture- then you will know the value of the sleep.

Jet lag: Just came from USA. Always sleeping in the afternoon: Scleranthus


Over enthusiasm: marriage for my daughter, thinking about work to be tomorrow at office. In the process we get mental strain in the evening. The remedies prescribed are: Vervain, Scleranthus, White Chestnut, Walnut and Crab Apple.


Cerato and Scleranthus

Stay Young

Rock Water + Hornbeam + Walnut + Chestnut bud + Crab Apple will keep the body and mind young. Need not take the pills, but chant for 5 mins while getting up from bed as well as before going to sleep

Straining to pass stools

Scleranthus, Walnut, Rock Water, Hornbeam, Crab Apple

Superiority Complex

My friend has married a Korean. She doesn’t talk to anybody- If she does not talk to others due to superiority complex- Water Violet or do not know how to adjust - Walnut


fear is there, so prescribe Mimulus. Rest of the remedies based on the patient’s mind state. If he thinks it is because of his karma then add the remedy Pine.


Non Stop - Heather and Agrimony are non-stop talkers.

Vervain will try to convince others.

Talking - Reduce

“I feel that I will become a better person, if I reduce my speech”: Pine for mistakes because I feel I am not complete without this. I have to be perfect – it is in both Pine and Crab Apple

Talking- communication problems

I am not able to communicate properly because he is not able to understand: Beech is required to handle any communication problems and to bridge the gap between two persons.

Only your ego stops the healing

Throat Problems

Centaury, Willow, Pine and Hornbeam

Tired – go on inspite of being

Oak / Olive – Oak brings smartness to the work – when one goes on inspite of untiring efforts but unable to succeed. One does the same thing again and again hoping to succeed to get different result but does not know how to do things differently

To stop bleeding

Rescue Remedy and Walnut

Toilet crazy

Crab Apple


Other man's point of view : Beech, Willow, walnut and Water Violet

Violence– avoid

Rock water+ Rockrose - To ward off any violent or unwanted elements

Weight Loss

Oak (keep trying without any success, will help them to try different things), Crab Apple (self-conscious), and Rock Water (self denial by skipping meals)

Work done

Getting a work done in a government office- Rock Water + Water violet

Pray that the flowers be active in the persons energy field for next 6 hours or 8 hours. Work will get done

Winning Mantra

For any competition:take the combination: WaterViolet +Larch +Gentian + Wild Rose+Pine

Zigzag Fever

Scleranthus, Walnut, Crab Apple


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