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Aussies Beware!

Dare 2 Do IT! June 5th 2009

Balaji SI like to share my US experience here. Before going on site, I was worried of my communication with new people and how I am going to manage the new situation. I took the following Bach Flower combinations in US: Rock Water + Water Violet: Gaining respect. Rock Water + Water Violet: before going to office and during lunch time Walnut: for handling new situations in USA. Carry Walnut in my pocket: Take it now and then Gentian, Hornbeam: be happy in any situation (in the eve), it will take care of my tiredness too It helped me a lot. I was able to handle new situations easily without any fear and performed well. I got good response and respect from the onsite team.   My onsite manager appreciated my work and he wrote separate appreciation mail to my offshore manager. Finally, I got best performer in this project for both India and USA.  I like to thank you and Batch Flower. Naran S. Balakumar The flower remedy combination used by Balaji is apt and wonderful combination that can be followed by all who go to foreign countries with apprehension. To be at ease in a foreign country - with this combination, even Australia-like assault also will not take place. Water Violet will help you to mingle with the foreigners and make you feel part of them. Rock Water will protect against any violence and assault.


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